Logistics Services

How do we know where your shipment is every step of its journey? How can we know it will arrive when you need it? How do we tell if we should send one of our trucks, or rely on one of trusted carrier partners?

A partner to Atlas Trucking Company, Atlas Logistics, based in Michigan, is a licensed broker for common and contract carrier freight in the U.S. and Canada. We provide third party logistics as well as logistics services for Atlas Trucking Company.

Atlas Logistics has developed a strategic network of carriers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our extensive carrier base helps provide additional support for our customers’ wide variety of open-deck, van, specialized and intermodal freight needs. Every contractual carrier must meet Atlas Logistics standards, including insurance requirements, safety criteria, and premier service. We understand the need to exceed our customers’ service expectations and we take pride in using carriers who uphold the same integrity, at Atlas Trucking Company.

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Our logistics specialists have all the tools and knowledge to meet the most demanding of requirements. We understand the need for tight schedules to reduce your inventory costs. Whether your freight is shipped on an Atlas Trucking Company truck or not, our logistics specialists manage it like one of their own.

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